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Scott Hastie

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In a World

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In a world

That is far from certain,

This is for all lovers

Still to set forth,

Or imagining

They’ve yet to arrive.

This fitful journey

Of ours

No sideshow,

Albeit part

Of an ingenious conceit

That draws us tenderly

Towards the light,

Where chances

Can be so sweet

And every joyous release

Cannot help

But seed another.

So here it is!

And there

It ever was too,

Oh, but we knew it then.

Such sublime mapping,

The code of tomorrow

Already built into

All our yesterdays.

Scott Hastie

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Scott Hastie and his powerful poems have often been on this site. To see Scott’s own site visit: http://www.scotthastie.com/?p=4331

Pick up your pen and write words of meaning and texture that define this moment. Rework your words and phrases until you give them a form of fluidity. Visit your piece every day until you feel its rhythm carry you to another state of mind and soul. Check out Scott’s site and he will show you the way.

I hope you find this new poem of Scott’s to be as powerful as I do. Enjoy!


What is this life?

If it is not

As if to walk


In this thin bright air

Openly and lightly

Like children

You know…

Simple joys,

Easily found,

That resonate

Beyond all measure.

Thus are we ushered

Gently into this world

And then challenged

To find

Our way home again

With our hearts open,

To where heaven knows

There are pearls awaiting.

Along with the chance,

Day by gleaming day,

To come to realise

The more generously

We shine,

The more we will

Blossom and prosper

Along a path

Where how stunning

It is to still be alive

When, just once in a while,

Those who could never sing

Suddenly can!

And as you pause

To marvel at that,

Best to know

All those

Who similarly bless you

In faith

Helped make it so.

See how boundless love

Brings time to its knees.

A gift beyond compare.

Thank you Scott. Keep your pen moving. Blessings, Jan

Light, a Book of Poems

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Light, a Book of Poems is my 2nd book of poetry and my 24th book. I don’t call myself a poet, at least not in the traditional sense, as you are taught in English class. I simply let emotions find words to tell their stories and write them on the page. Here is one of them:


Flames of hot orange shoot
to earth
streaking the wide land with
a new morning as
birds begin their songs of praise
flap their wings
soar wildly.
Be free –
they teach.
Today is another chance.

Keep the pen moving,


Norman, the Poet

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I am proud to announce Shoes, a Book of Poems, by my long-time friend Norman Hansen. Here is one of the poems from Shoes.


When the sun

hits the snow

blinding flare

stunning glow

stinging eyes

no compromise.

Shoes, a Book of Poems can be ordered on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


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By now, you know my friend Scott Hastie. Here is a new poem. I’m sure you will love it, as I do.


Striking isn’t

How the joyous

Always reveal

Something fresh

And glorious

About themselves.

Illusions of vulnerability

Evaporated by pure spirit.

Just as it was that day

You kissed someone.

And for

The very first time

They truly kissed you back.

This then the beauty

Of being alive,

Pared down

To its very essentials.

Its trigger point.

Never Too Late, a Novel

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Announcing with much celebration: Never Too Late, a Novel, just won the Story Circle Network’s Editor’s Choice Award for 2017. Never Too Late, a Novel can be order on this site under Jan’s Books, Amazon.com, or BarnesandNobles.com.

Poet, Scott Hastie

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Hi everyone,

Here is another touching poem by my friend Scott Hastie.


So often fruitlessly,

Through all the doors

To desire in life,

Far finer, faraway prizes

Twist and tease still,

Like runaway kites

Caught up

In a storm of being

That only more mindfulness

Can becalm.


Oh, for an end

To such struggles.

And with kind devotion

Comes just that.


An embrace

Of perfect peace

That never fails

To usher in

Its own mysteriously

Unforeseen reward.


Blanket upon blanket

Of selflessness,

Nestled now securely

In the glowing casket

Of your soul.

Where, deep therein forever,

Lies the warmest

And truest of dividends.


The lingering presence

Of love

Beneath the fragile,

Needy contours of us all.

The Power of Writing Fiction

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Never Too Late, a Novel, is my 3rd novel and 23rd book. Over the decades I have learned that whether you write fiction which always speaks to something true about life or non-fiction which is a more direct statement about life, writing heals what ails us, inspires our hope, and leads us through difficult times.

In Never Too Late, a Novel, Lily, a 61 year old woman in a home catering to single or widowed women, decides she wants to move back into the world and see what she can create in her life again. She meets a woman named Dorothy and Lily’s path changes when these two women realize they each have the love of writing in common.

Lily moves to Santa Fe, meets a man named Ed, who brings her stability and romance, while she and Dorothy go through the ups and downs of ordinary and extraordinary life events, eventually manifesting their writing dreams.

Never Too Late, a Novel, is about keeping the momentum of moving into one’s dreams in order to make life all that it can be.

But the important message I want to give anyone interested in finding out more about who they are, where they want to go in life, and how to assimilate the life they are living, is to write the narrative of their lives. Through writing we can drop deep within ourselves and explore the rich internal environment in which we spend all of our time. Put down the cell phone, spend time thinking, feeling, assessing, and imagining. It just might change your life to the life your heart desires.

Order your copy of Never Too Late, a Novel, on JanMarquart.com or Amazon.com. $15.00


Write for PTSD

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unveil-womanwithumbrella2Unveil the Wounded Self – a Guided Journal for PTSD Sufferers has been reviewed as effective for reaching into the pain and pulling it out for understanding and recovery. Writing is healing – studies and experience by those who have taken this course validate the power of writing.

Pick up your pen and write – focus only on your experience and let the pain reveal your inner reality.

Keep the pen moving,


Disturbed by Poet Scott Hastie

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IMG_8246AMy friend Scott Hastie has published another fabulous poem on his site: http://www.scotthastie.com/?p=3522. I want to share it with you now.


Disturbed as we are

By greed and vanity,

All the while

There is so much else

Here for us,

An abundance of triggers

Into both light and depth.

Far beyond

The gentle balm of faith

And the comfort that brings,

A huge and unimaginable love,

An iridescent vignette

Of sheer beauty.

And, slowly but surely,

We are being pulled in,

As one episode

Follows another

On our transit.

Gradually becoming wedded

To something,

The purple light of divinity

That we call God.

As, step by step,

In trying to understand love,

We become fearless.

Bold fires

Within us now

The run of many waters

Cannot quench.


Thank you Scott for sharing your poetry with my viewers.

Keep the pen moving,


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