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1.5 Hour One-on-One Write to Heal







Write to Heal – a 1.5 hour therapeutic writing session – phone or in person

This 1.5 hour therapeutic writing session focuses on a specific issue that

is not post traumatic stress related. This is a one-on-one session.

In this session you will write, read, and we will discuss how you can

overcome an emotion, situation, or belief that is keeping you locked up.

I have worked with many clients who wish this writing session. I do not bill

insurance for this. If you are interested call me and pay here:

Thank you!

512 795 0074

WritetoHealTo purchase my primer 78-page book Write to Heal to learn more about writing to heal go to:


Jan’s Bio:  Jan Marquart is a psychotherapist and author of eleven books. Her therapeutic writing courses merge her skills of writing and therapy. She has been writing since 1972 and counseling since 1979.

Read testimonials of Jan’s clients:

From the beginning, Jan’s class, which focused on moving through and beyond a difficult experience, felt hopeful. With each writing we took another significant step toward deep healing. Jan brings to her teaching rich, relevant experiences from her own life and work, and she always was supportive and encouraging in her assignments and feedback. She shared with us valuable tools and resources to help us continue healing after the class is over.
Susan, Texas

Jan Marquart’s Healing journaling class was the opportunity to start writing honestly and in a loving atmosphere about my trauma. It came at the right time for me; the journaling exercises and the healing tools provided a strong and efficient background which allowed me to put words on the unbearable and slowly but surely start embarking on my long healing journey. I highly recommend it.

Sabrina, Bordeaux, France