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Writing Memoir

It amazes me to hear stories about someone’s life. I met a man on a flight back to California after a week-long writing workshop with Natalie Goldberg. He watched me write in my journal then began a story about finding a chest filled with handwritten journals his deceased mother had written. She wrote them in code so it took […]


Hi, I have a dear friend from childhood. He and his family live in Vermont and I am thousands of miles away. For years we have been writing hand-written letters to each other. I treasure them. Emails don’t do it for me. I still buy greeting cards for friends. There is something about seeing their […]

Kate’s Way

Ever walk along the street and see a homeless person? What do you think? What I think is: I wonder how this person became homeless. I get lost in what his family might have been like, where did he/she come from, does he/she need medical help. And then the worst I could think of happened to […]

The Mindful Writer, Still the Mind, Free the Pen

For years I have been hearing about writer’s block. Not understanding this concept  I decided to go to multiple book readings on a weekly basis in the Bay Area where small bookshops still survive to learn about this.  I had written daily since 1972 and had no idea what writer’s block was. Then I was giving a […]

The Basket Weaver

Ever have someone in your life you couldn’t make peace with no matter how hard you tried? After decades of exhausting myself I decided to rid the demons of pain over a relationship in my life and gave them to a made-up character named Alana to resolve for me. At first I started writing thinking I was […]

Writing From Your Heart

Workshop students and new writers ask me all the time, “Just how do you write from your heart?” They squirm when they ask me this as if I’m going to make them eat alligator fingernails. But in fact, this is one of the most important questions I can think of for writers. Leaving technical writing aside, writing from […]

Voices from the Land

Voices from the Land is now an ebook and can be purchased on Amazon.com. I welcome any and all comments or questions about this channeled historical book.

Let Your Body Speak

Have nothing to write about today? Try this. Look at one part of your body. Any part will do. For demonstration purposes I’ll pick a right leg. Stare at your right leg. What experiences did your right leg have that could tell a story about you? What if your right leg had lost it balance as […]