Jan Marquart, Author

Write On!

Why Do You Write?

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, why we write? In what other job would any of us stay up all hours of the day and night sitting uncomfortably at a keyboard, slow-bleeding ideas, ignoring emails, TV, the heavy knock on the door writing jewels of entertaining stories and high points of wisdom appallingly doomed to […]

Want to Write About Your Life?

Each life is a story, and an interesting one at that. So how do you start to tell about what you have lived through? How do you organize a rich experience? Here are five tips: 1. Sit quietly. Close your eyes. If you had one experience that represented your life, what it be? Is there one philosophy or leit motif for […]

Do You Have A Book In You?

So many times I hear people say, “I’d love to write a book.” When I ask, “Why don’t you write one?” I hear about fears and expectations that words written on a blank page has to be perfect. Why is that? Next, I hear stories about english teachers or unsupportive loved ones who stifled eager writing voices.  Let’s think about this. Not getting support […]