Jan Marquart, Author

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Your Untold Story

Everyone has untold stories that can change a life, maybe even yours, if they were told. Memoir is a powerful way to reveal those stories.  Tell it as one life story or reveal it in short passages.  It doesn’t matter.  Everyone reaches for the connections with others that help them realize that their humanity is […]

Writing Trauma

Why in the world would anyone want to write about trauma? After all, wasn’t it  painful enough to live the experience the first time? Why spend time writing it only to suffer more? That’s the question I’ve asked myself a thousand times lately  since I’ve begun my memoir of the last twelve years, which were […]

In Ordinary Days

In ordinary days we can find the most extraordinary stories. It only takes a moment to have a powerful experience. In 1991 I was walking towards my cottage on Playa del Carmen after having a simple dinner of chicken and rice when a young boy about six ran in front of me to catch his […]