Jan Marquart, Author

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2014 Might Only Need One Word!

Right about this time a gazillion posts will be written about New Year’s resolutions. Do any of them ever help? By the time we get to January 15 most of us have given up on our mental plans because habits are too difficult to change in just fifteen days and our resolution lists get lost […]

Is This a Story For You?

Life goes on day after day as we make plans for our future, react to circumstances, and hope for the best. But what if the life we are living is a story that we could influence by writing? It probably doesn’t need to be mentioned here that there are many aspects of life that we […]

How to Develop Positive Thoughts

Many people are going through major challenges. Seniors are out of work exhausting their savings. Cancer is becoming far too common an illness. Marriages are falling apart. Families are struggling. How does one stay positive? Can you change the fact of the circumstance? No. Can you make pain go away just by wishing? No. Here […]