Jan Marquart, Author

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Writing Emotions

Writers often speak to me about the difficulties of writing emotions. In so many ways writing is just like life. We avoid what we avoid no matter what we are doing. But what happens when it comes time to give your character an emotion you are running away from in your own life? Distress begins. […]

Which One Is It?

Homonyms will not be brought to your attention if the content of the word you typed is inaccurate the way spelling errors are pointed out in the correction tools on your computer. Here are some wrong uses that can slip past the editing process: caste/cast rein/reign aisle/isle to/too/two passed/past Just to give you a few […]

Saying What Can’t Be Said

One of the beautiful aspects of poetry is that it speaks its own language for what can’t be said. Love poems, nature poems, even poems that speak to depression and anxiety each reveal images of emotions that we are usually at a loss to describe. This is the most amazing characteristic of poetry. Read a […]

Is Your Manuscript Ready?

Having been hired as an editor for emerging authors over the last two decades I can say that there are certain errors I repeatedly see. I’d  like you to check over your manuscript in case this applies to what you have written. 1. The focus is fractured. This means that books have two genres mixed […]

Do You Know What To Do Next?

Do you know what to do next? Well, don’t beat yourself up. Most writers who are ready to pass on their manuscripts don’t know the next step. The rude awakening happens once you’ve printed the manuscript  for the last time and find yourself attending to its cries to be published and hear your inner voice […]