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Dream Star

Posted on | October 13, 2014 | Comments Off on Dream Star

CandyBarone  Please join me in celebrating Candy Barone’s latest book, Dream Star . This is a fabulous book for children. dreamstar

Childhood often comes back to us in many ways but for Candy Barone it came back in the form of a children’s book and it is absolutely delightful.

Here is a description of this delightful book in Candy’s own words:

Dream Star is a little star who is sad because his light doesn’t shine as brightly as all the other stars. Join him as he finds out why and learns the power of his purpose in the heavens.

This is a story Candy created when she was about 12 years old. Her parents were going through an ugly divorce and things were a bit unsettling on the home front. Though her younger sister, Crystal, and she didn’t get along well back then … Crystal was really upset one night and asked her to tell her a story. So, she climbed into bed to tell her sister a story, and Dream Star was born! This story became a nightly ritual for a long time and Candy finally decided to get it down on paper. 
Now, many, many years later, Candy Barone is finally bringing Dream Star to the rest of the world! And, so blessed that her sister has been part of this journey to bring this story to life.
Thank you Candy. I’m sure my readers will want to buy this for the children they know for Christmas. So if any of you reading this want to buy Candy’s latest book, Dream Star, here is the link to do that:
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