Jan Marquart, Author

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What If Your Mind Distracts You?

Open your journal to write an idea or think about a plan and what happens? You can try to avoid it. You can try to get back on course. You can try and try and try again but the mind is insistent, right? When your mind distracts you as you try to write, don’t get […]

The Provocation of Journal Writing

The number of things you can write in a journal has no limits. During the course of a year my journals can contain, lists, plans, goals, dreams, lists of affirmations, pages of venting emotions, documentation of events, relationship issues, quotes from writers, financial goals, and time-lines for new books. I also work on poems, short […]

Writing Grief

Grief isn’t  something people want to experience, read about, or remember. However, the problem with grief is that, try as we might, we cannot escape it or control losses from happening. Grief comes in all sizes, experiences, depths, and teaches us about impermanence. We don’t like it. We don’t like losing and we don’t like […]

Kate’s Way

Kate’s Way by Jan Marquart Yes, this is my first novel and I’d like to share how this book came into existence. I had just finished a book by Elizabeth Berg, one of my favorite storytellers. I don’t remember which book provoked ideas for Kate’s Way; I only know that it was one of her […]