Jan Marquart, Author

Write On!

The Price of Wisdom

I’m sure everyone has heard the maxim, Youth is wasted on the young. When I was young that sounded silly. Now, in my 60’s it makes so much sense. Just when we think we finally understand how life works and how much more there is to learn we wonder where all the years have gone. […]

Meet Markie Madden and How Writing Helped Her Heal

Hi all, I want to introduce you to a woman who is difficult to forget. Her recovery through writing will amaze you. Please meet Markie Madden.   I’m Markie Madden, author of three books and founder of Metamorph Publishing. I’m also a recent cancer survivor. I may have a rather unique view on this topic, […]

Holiday Stress Got You Down?

Oh that holiday stress. It can make you want to scream but don’t do that, write instead. Writing helps our minds to organize and sort out the important from the doesn’t matter categories. Writing out any internal conflict the holidays bring up can increase your sleep, put pep in your step, and best of all, […]