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as we toil and spin…

Posted on | April 27, 2015 | Comments Off on as we toil and spin…

as we toil and spin…


By now you all have met my friend Scott Hastie and his fabulous poems. Here is his new poem “As We Toil and Spin” that I must share with you. I know you will love it as much as I do.

As We Toil and Spin

As we toil and spin,

Pause and gather in the stillness,

Whenever you are able.


Trusting that,

Time after time,

This might bind ever deeper

In your soul

And, one day,

Come gloriously to bear.


Otherwise how vain

A deceit

Is such constant distraction,

That leaks into everything

To spoil our chances.


And, in so doing,

Look how we fashion instead

A raw and unnecessarily restless

Sadness in our hearts.


For it is what it is,

This life,

No more and no less…

And everyday

It shines upon us

With a patience

That is inestimable.


So take heart from this

And simply surrender in moments,

As best you can,

Even if only in modest ripples

That gently caress

The shore of your dreams.


Thank you Scott. You always inspire me and my readers. Keep your pen moving!

To read more of Scott’s poems go to his site: www.Scotthastie.com

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