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Scott Hastie Did It Again!

Posted on | October 21, 2015 | Comments Off on Scott Hastie Did It Again!

scotthastieScott Hastie has done it again! Without further ado, please enjoy this.

Whenever you can conjure

The stillness to notice,

There is

A sense of the ancient

Hanging in the air.

A lingering spiritual fragrance,

Full of knowing,

That dresses

Contemporary journeys

Like ours.

And always set against

Such a broad tapestry,

Long woven too

With telling details

That confirm who we are,

Albeit still as raw

And naive as any infant.

All the more so

When stood, toe to toe,

With the luminosity

Of days gone by.

And embarking,

As best we can,

On the benevolent


Of one thin slice

Of a chosen life,

However glorious,

Or loaded with pathos

This eventually becomes.

No chance of tragedy

Here though!

For we truly are,

As we come to recognise

Ourselves to be,

Mere receptacles.

Gilded chariots

That our spirits ride out,

But for a hallowed moment in time.

The merest splash of presence

In the serried halls of wonder.

Thanks Scott, as always, I love your poems and thank you for sharing them with my audience. Please check out Scott’s site: http://www.scotthastie.com/?p=3434

Keep the pen moving, Jan


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