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The Contest, a novel

Posted on | October 27, 2015 | Comments Off on The Contest, a novel

janbenbookfestivalLet me introduce my friend Ben Easton, the author of the fabulous novel The Contest. Ben is one of those rare authors who captures the reader with his writing and keeps him moving through his story as if he were watching it on the screen in a theater.

If you like a good read that expands your horizons, your vocabulary, and your understanding of global issues, then this is the book for you. The Contest is a novel set in the immediate near future in which the status quo comes under intense scrutiny and ideas that can transform the world suddenly have their chance. 

The protagonist, Minerva Bennett, is a billionaire philanthropist who questions her legacy; she believes that her world-class foundation has not done the job for which she created it decades earlier. She throws caution to the wind and puts her reputation on the line in a bold departure. She launches the largest competition in history, the objective of which is to produce manifestos that solve the world’s most intractable issues. 

For such a positive vision and such a magnanimous gesture, she is surprised at the antagonists that crop up from the outset. Not only her family and her colleagues, but many in the upper echelons of society seek to derail her efforts. A few go to any lengths to put a stop to the global media frenzy that becomes known simply as “The Contest.” 

Find out how Minerva and her team square off against dark forces in order to bring about a cultural sea change … from cynical resignation to genuine hope regarding the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.
Go to: http://www.bennetteaston.com/ to order The Contest.
Thank you Ben —
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