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The Power of Art

Posted on | December 1, 2015 | Comments Off on The Power of Art


Happy Holidays one and all. I want to introduce you to one of the most creative and kind women I know. Her name is Irene Konig. I met Irene three years ago at a local meetup and we have been friends ever since. Her talent never ceases to amaze me. Please check out her site www.artoflife.us. All her art can be ordered. Here is Irene’s statement from her inner muse.

Art has always been an integral part of my life from the time I was eighteen and living in New York. I cannot explain it, but the pull was very strong, and I found that I needed to switch my major from Spanish, which I liked very much, to Fine Arts. I have not regretted it. Later I was taken with the field of psychology and obtained a Masters degree. After a few years of teaching art and then studying psychology, a sudden life change happened, and a relocation to the state of Texas.

Marriage and motherhood followed, yet art was always my companion even during the years of raising my children. During that time, I created sixty designs resembling silk screens, but made out of cut paper. I had a lot of fun doing this and people enjoyed looking at what they saw. Following that time period, I began to delve into calligraphy and design because I wanted to deliver beauty with a message. The message I wanted to deliver had to do with experiencing life as humans know it. I called this new type of art, The Art of Life, because it reflected how I felt about things that were happening to me, as well as to those around me.

Over the years, I created over three hundred works of art. For the first several years, I gave one-woman shows. This took a lot of energy and after I became single, I had to give up these shows. My calligraphic prints developed out of my own life experiences. I took the beauty that already existed in nature, and preserved it at its freshest moment; I combined these images with words from those esteemed in this world, or poems from my heart. My goal was to have my images hanging in people’s homes, and to share these expressions of beauty and emotion with others.

My life has been a journey of happiness and grief, of ability and disability, of love for nature, of family and friends and community, of light and love, and of a celebration of spirit and joy.

My current website, where you can see a large sample of my work on love, weddings, and blessings, is at www.artoflife.us . I also have a Facebook page called Irene Konig: The Art of Life.

Thank you Irene —

Happy holidays to one and all —






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