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Disturbed by Poet Scott Hastie

Posted on | March 21, 2016 | Comments Off on Disturbed by Poet Scott Hastie

IMG_8246AMy friend Scott Hastie has published another fabulous poem on his site: http://www.scotthastie.com/?p=3522. I want to share it with you now.


Disturbed as we are

By greed and vanity,

All the while

There is so much else

Here for us,

An abundance of triggers

Into both light and depth.

Far beyond

The gentle balm of faith

And the comfort that brings,

A huge and unimaginable love,

An iridescent vignette

Of sheer beauty.

And, slowly but surely,

We are being pulled in,

As one episode

Follows another

On our transit.

Gradually becoming wedded

To something,

The purple light of divinity

That we call God.

As, step by step,

In trying to understand love,

We become fearless.

Bold fires

Within us now

The run of many waters

Cannot quench.


Thank you Scott for sharing your poetry with my viewers.

Keep the pen moving,



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