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The Power of Writing Fiction

Posted on | February 25, 2017 | Comments Off on The Power of Writing Fiction

Never Too Late, a Novel, is my 3rd novel and 23rd book. Over the decades I have learned that whether you write fiction which always speaks to something true about life or non-fiction which is a more direct statement about life, writing heals what ails us, inspires our hope, and leads us through difficult times.

In Never Too Late, a Novel, Lily, a 61 year old woman in a home catering to single or widowed women, decides she wants to move back into the world and see what she can create in her life again. She meets a woman named Dorothy and Lily’s path changes when these two women realize they each have the love of writing in common.

Lily moves to Santa Fe, meets a man named Ed, who brings her stability and romance, while she and Dorothy go through the ups and downs of ordinary and extraordinary life events, eventually manifesting their writing dreams.

Never Too Late, a Novel, is about keeping the momentum of moving into one’s dreams in order to make life all that it can be.

But the important message I want to give anyone interested in finding out more about who they are, where they want to go in life, and how to assimilate the life they are living, is to write the narrative of their lives. Through writing we can drop deep within ourselves and explore the rich internal environment in which we spend all of our time. Put down the cell phone, spend time thinking, feeling, assessing, and imagining. It just might change your life to the life your heart desires.

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