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Scott Hastie

Posted on | September 10, 2018 | Comments Off on Scott Hastie

Scott Hastie and his powerful poems have often been on this site. To see Scott’s own site visit: http://www.scotthastie.com/?p=4331

Pick up your pen and write words of meaning and texture that define this moment. Rework your words and phrases until you give them a form of fluidity. Visit your piece every day until you feel its rhythm carry you to another state of mind and soul. Check out Scott’s site and he will show you the way.

I hope you find this new poem of Scott’s to be as powerful as I do. Enjoy!


What is this life?

If it is not

As if to walk


In this thin bright air

Openly and lightly

Like children

You know…

Simple joys,

Easily found,

That resonate

Beyond all measure.

Thus are we ushered

Gently into this world

And then challenged

To find

Our way home again

With our hearts open,

To where heaven knows

There are pearls awaiting.

Along with the chance,

Day by gleaming day,

To come to realise

The more generously

We shine,

The more we will

Blossom and prosper

Along a path

Where how stunning

It is to still be alive

When, just once in a while,

Those who could never sing

Suddenly can!

And as you pause

To marvel at that,

Best to know

All those

Who similarly bless you

In faith

Helped make it so.

See how boundless love

Brings time to its knees.

A gift beyond compare.

Thank you Scott. Keep your pen moving. Blessings, Jan


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