Jan Marquart, Author

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Never Too Late, a Novel

Announcing with much celebration: Never Too Late, a Novel, just won the Story Circle Network’s Editor’s Choice Award for 2017. Never Too Late, a Novel can be order on this site under Jan’s Books, Amazon.com, or BarnesandNobles.com.

Poet, Scott Hastie

Hi everyone, Here is another touching poem by my friend Scott Hastie. Passing, So often fruitlessly, Through all the doors To desire in life, Far finer, faraway prizes Twist and tease still, Like runaway kites Caught up In a storm of being That only more mindfulness Can becalm.   Oh, for an end To such […]

Write for PTSD

Unveil the Wounded Self – a Guided Journal for PTSD Sufferers has been reviewed as effective for reaching into the pain and pulling it out for understanding and recovery. Writing is healing – studies and experience by those who have taken this course validate the power of writing. Pick up your pen and write – […]

Disturbed by Poet Scott Hastie

My friend Scott Hastie has published another fabulous poem on his site: http://www.scotthastie.com/?p=3522. I want to share it with you now. Disturbed Disturbed as we are By greed and vanity, All the while There is so much else Here for us, An abundance of triggers Into both light and depth. Far beyond The gentle balm […]

The Power of Art

Happy Holidays one and all. I want to introduce you to one of the most creative and kind women I know. Her name is Irene Konig. I met Irene three years ago at a local meetup and we have been friends ever since. Her talent never ceases to amaze me. Please check out her site […]

The Contest, a novel

Let me introduce my friend Ben Easton, the author of the fabulous novel The Contest. Ben is one of those rare authors who captures the reader with his writing and keeps him moving through his story as if he were watching it on the screen in a theater. If you like a good read that […]

Scott Hastie Did It Again!

Scott Hastie has done it again! Without further ado, please enjoy this. Whenever you can conjure The stillness to notice, There is A sense of the ancient Hanging in the air. A lingering spiritual fragrance, Full of knowing, That dresses Contemporary journeys Like ours. And always set against Such a broad tapestry, Long woven too […]

Writing with Authenticity

I was asked to speak to a group of writers about two years ago and to bring the many books I had written. I had a memoir, two novels, three writing books, and more. As I was describing each of my books to the group of writers one of the women bitingly asked me: “Are […]