Jan Marquart, Author

Write On!

The Power of Writing Fiction

Never Too Late, a Novel, is my 3rd novel and 23rd book. Over the decades I have learned that whether you write fiction which always speaks to something true about life or non-fiction which is a more direct statement about life, writing heals what ails us, inspires our hope, and leads us through difficult times. […]

The Writer’s Corner

Anyone who writes because of a calling to speak through words knows the need for a small piece of a room to make her own, a place that holds her writing energy. It is a lot like meditating in the same spot every day, the energy sits there waiting for you to return. Writer’s are […]

Kate’s Way

Ever walk along the street and see a homeless person? What do you think? What I think is: I wonder how this person became homeless. I get lost in what his family might have been like, where did he/she come from, does he/she need medical help. And then the worst I could think of happened to […]

The Basket Weaver

Ever have someone in your life you couldn’t make peace with no matter how hard you tried? After decades of exhausting myself I decided to rid the demons of pain over a relationship in my life and gave them to a made-up character named Alana to resolve for me. At first I started writing thinking I was […]