Jan Marquart, Author

Write On!

The Power of Writing Fiction

Never Too Late, a Novel, is my 3rd novel and 23rd book. Over the decades I have learned that whether you write fiction which always speaks to something true about life or non-fiction which is a more direct statement about life, writing heals what ails us, inspires our hope, and leads us through difficult times. […]

Do You Know What To Do Next?

Do you know what to do next? Well, don’t beat yourself up. Most writers who are ready to pass on their manuscripts don’t know the next step. The rude awakening happens once you’ve printed the manuscript  for the last time and find yourself attending to its cries to be published and hear your inner voice […]

The Writer’s Corner

Anyone who writes because of a calling to speak through words knows the need for a small piece of a room to make her own, a place that holds her writing energy. It is a lot like meditating in the same spot every day, the energy sits there waiting for you to return. Writer’s are […]

Why Wait Until New Years?

Why wait until New Year’s Eve to make resolutions about becoming a better person? When I wanted an exercise to exorcise the issues keeping me from being the person I wanted to be I picked up my pen and began writing. The rest is history because my book The Basket Weaver was the result and […]

Write to Heal

Your body hurts. You take pills but the problem doesn’t go away. You are distressed. Therapy doesn’t help and you don’t think the therapist  understands. We have all been there at one time or another in our lives. What to do? Here’s a quote by Dr. James Pennebaker about my book Write to Heal. Over […]

Writing Memoir

It amazes me to hear stories about someone’s life. I met a man on a flight back to California after a week-long writing workshop with Natalie Goldberg. He watched me write in my journal then began a story about finding a chest filled with handwritten journals his deceased mother had written. She wrote them in code so it took […]

Let Your Body Speak

Have nothing to write about today? Try this. Look at one part of your body. Any part will do. For demonstration purposes I’ll pick a right leg. Stare at your right leg. What experiences did your right leg have that could tell a story about you? What if your right leg had lost it balance as […]