Jan Marquart, Author

Write On!

The Provocation of Journal Writing

anduze2004I love my daily journal writing practice and have been writing daily since June 1972. I have just begun my 98th journal and what a journey it has been. Ten of my eleven books started as a result of my daily writing practice. I have healed post traumatic stress symptoms, toxic relationship angst, designed new paths for my life, and so much more. I write in many genres not because I deliberately set out to do so but because my daily writing practice has led me there. In case you aren’t familiar with how to write free-write journal entries there are many way to start out. Whether you choose a particular topic or randomly select something to write about you must write without lifting your pen off the paper so you can keep a solid flow of your thoughts. Don’t manage your thoughts. Just write what comes to mind fully abandoning the need to control the next thought. This takes practice. But you will understand yourself so much better if you can find freedom in writing what comes to mind.

This six week course is given on line. Each Monday I will send you emails of the week’s assignment, attach handouts if appropriate, and inspire you to keep a daily journal to enrich assignment topics and learn how your mind works. I realize that might sound weird but the more we allow ourselves to get out of our way and write what our minds think we can understand our emotions, decisions, and behaviors in new ways.

Please do not write your daily writes on the computer. Studies show we use different parts of our brain when we write with a pen. Writing with a pen also allows the body to speak differently and writing with the pain changes our brain. That’s its healing and creative power!

I do this course on line one-on-one. However, if you have friends who want to begin the course with you and we can form a group, then we can engage in an email dialogue as the weeks progress.

If you want to email me about this course, my email is: jan_marquart@yahoo.com

The cost of this 6-week online workshop is $297.00

Thank you!