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Unveil the Wounded Self- Write to Heal – 6-Week Program

Unveil the Wounded Self- Write to Heal is a six-week intensive writing course to help decrease or eliminate signs of stress and PTSD. Each week covers one step in a progress towards healing and requires anywhere from 1 to 5 pages. It isn’t the amount of pages that heals but the focus of the writing. More people suffer from PTSD than you might think. A woman who has suffered from repeated sexual abuse from childhood might suffer from PTSD if her current relationships have any sexual issues. A man who was beaten by his father who is prone to stalking or other demonstrations of domestic violence might be suffering from PTSD. The normal reaction is that PTSD relates only to soldiers coming home from the war but that is not true. If you have behaviors that have roots in childhood or contributes to dysfunction in your life, chances are you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

This six-week course covers the following:

1. The first three weeks cover, what happened, the experience of what happened, and the wound that resulted from what happened.

2. The second three weeks cover,  the required healing, a healing vision, and a plan for the healing vision.

These steps may seem simple enough, but if administered properly, go deep and should be facilitated with professional help. I strongly urge anyone interested in this process to contact me. I caution:

1. Do not do these steps alone.

2. Do not do these steps all at once.

3. Do not do these steps without learning how to calm your nervous system after each step. Symptoms will be awakened and it is important to know how to care for the self when the pain is reawakened.

4. Do not do these steps without professional help.

Once individuals start writing from the voice of pain and assault, memories are reawakened. This sometimes causes the sensation that things are getting worse. What is happening is that a healing crisis is taking place and no one ought to embark on this process alone. I designed this course so that events experienced are acknowledged and the emotional and psychological injuries that resulted can be addressed and transformed into a healing process. This program does not replace medical treatment by a physician. Medication is usually lessened or not needed after this course but all changes in medication need be tritated with a therapeutic plan by an M.D.

As a psychotherapist of 32 years I strongly recommend that no one write out these steps alone. It is normal for those suffering from severe systems to want to handle their pain alone because of the shame and guilt these symptoms can incite. But I strongly recommend getting help with each week’s writing. Emotions will be awakened, maybe confusion, often a sense of rawness. A prevailing belief is that trauma should not be revisited as it interrupts daily life. In my professional experience revisiting trauma gives sufferers the opportunity to claim and acknowledge what happened and to rebuild. Ignoring or denying the initial cause of emotional and psychological injury serves no purpose. The injury remains in the body/mind/spirit’s energy and comes out when it is awakened by ordinary daily life. The mind will keep haunting with symptoms until they receive attention. If you survived the initial harm; you will survive the healing process. I have seen stunning results in every client in only 6 weeks. Read the testimonials below. Email me for a short phone consultation. jan_marquart@yahoo.com

To purchase my primer 78-page book Write to Heal to learn more about writing to heal go to:

Write to Heal

Jan’s Bio:  Jan Marquart is a psychotherapist and author of twenty-three books. Her therapeutic writing courses merge her skills of writing and therapy. She has been writing since 1972 and counseling since 1979.

Read testimonials of Jan’s clients

From the beginning, Jan’s class, which focused on moving through and beyond a difficult experience, felt hopeful. With each writing we took another significant step toward deep healing. Jan brings to her teaching rich, relevant experiences from her own life and work, and she always was supportive and encouraging in her assignments and feedback. She shared with us valuable tools and resources to help us continue healing after the class is over.
Susan, Texas
Jan Marquart’s Healing journaling class was the opportunity to start writing honestly and in a loving atmosphere about my trauma. It came at the right time for me; the journaling exercises and the healing tools provided a strong and efficient background which allowed me to put words on the unbearable and slowly but surely start embarking on my long healing journey. I highly recommend it.

Sabrina, Bordeaux, France

I recently took the Unveil the Wounded Self – Write to Heal course with Jan Marquart.

Jan guided me through the 6 writing assignments, and more importantly helped me over the humps and bumps of a struggle over which I had been beating myself up for many years (I thought only about 10 years, but it came out, through the process of Unveil the Wounded Self, that it was much longer than that!).  I’m not going to tell you there weren’t painful moments during those 6 weeks; there were (though, fewer in number than the hopeful ones!).  And Jan was there to accompany me through whatever wall I hit.  There was always light at the end of the tunnel. 

For the first time in decades, I know how to recognize the telltale signs of old, self-sabotaging habits, raising their ugly little heads; and also what to do to stop the futile thought process, and overcome those pesky, previously relentless, demons. 

Having worked with Jan, I am now able to use this process on my own for any subsequent “insurmountable” inner-struggle.

I never thought a 6-week course could get me through something I had been challenged by for so long.  I decided to work with Jan because I thought to myself, “I’ve tried everything else! I have nothing to lose!”

Not only did I not lose, I won —  thanks to Jan and her unique combination of knowledge, insight and guidance.

I recommend this course highly!
Barbara, USA

Jan Marquart, LCSW, CAS, Author of 11 books.

Blessings, Jan